Exclusive Answers To Nothing Cast Interview [VIDEO]

This is the movieweb video interview with Elizabeth and Julie Benz, you can watch it and download it in the video archive.

elizabeth mitchell

Director Matthew Leutwyler delivers his most personal movie to date with Answers to Nothing, a drama which takes a look at several intersecting lives in Los Angeles. The filmmaker took the unique approach in basing each character off a personality aspect, while he was reevaluating his own life after going through a divorce. The story follows a therapist (Dane Cook) who grapples with cheating on his wife (Elizabeth Mitchell), an L.A.P.D. detective (Julie Benz) who is certain that a seemingly-innocent suspect (Greg Germann) is guilty of abducting a child, and a TV writer (Kali Hawk) who struggles with her own identity issues. I recently had the chance to sit down with Dane Cook, Julie Benz, and Elizabeth Mitchell to discuss Answers to Nothing, which is currently playing in theaters and is available on VOD formats. Click on the video players below to watch our exclusive cast interviews for Answers to Nothing.

Source: Movieweb