The best Christmas movies ever: Santa Clause 2

8 – The Santa Clause 2

Normally I hate sequels with a passion. This movie was an exception and for a very important reason; There really was a new story to tell! The producers (for a change) chose not to retread Movie One. As a matter of fact, although its predecessor was a good movie, The Santa Clause 2 is a GREAT MOVIE! I ranked it after One only because the originality of the premise owes everything to the first chapter.
Elizabeth Mitchell (known today for her intriguing roles on Lost and V) was very convincing as a stuffy, but three-dimensional High School principal who falls in love with Tim Allen.  Who would have thought that in the midst of talking animals, plastic giant toy villains and flying sleighs, a movie could be so convincingly romantic?  This is another verification to what I said above: If we believe the actors, we believe the entire film.

Source: washingtontimes