Sim Sarna about Elizabeth – Answers To Nothing

We’ve updated the Press page with the latest interviews and an old one from December 2009.

This is from an interview with Sim Sarna (Answers To Nothing’s producer). He talks about Elizabeth and the budget of the movie.

KG:  What was the budget of this film?

SS:  It was under 2 million dollars, which is about as low as it can get, as far as I’m concerned, for making a good movie in LA while paying your crew well. We’re a completely union movie. We were under the SAG low budget agreement so the actors didn’t get paid their normal salaries at all. Dane Cook was in the midst of a huge comedy tour so he was selling out arenas and then flying just to come to our set to work for $599 a day. And that just goes to show you how much he cared about the movie and how much all the other actors cared about the movie as well. Elizabeth Mitchell was doing Lost and another TV show called V at the same time so she had to transition between three characters while making this movie.

Source: mediumraretv