NEW ROLE: Elizabeth Mitchell joins Lifetime’s Casey Anthony movie

UPDATE (May 27): David Richmond-Peck  (Georgie from V) joined the cast as prosecutor Frank George. He also told me that he starts  working with Elizabeth on Monday. So the production of the movie starts on May 28.

UPDATE (May 24): I’ve just created a page related to the movie: PROSECUTING CASEY ANTHONY

Prosecuting Casey Anthony

Lifetime’s movie about the Casey Anthony trial has added a couple of familiar names to its cast — along with one lesser-known actress playing Anthony herself.

Canadian actress Holly Deveaux will play Anthony in “Prosecuting Casey Anthony,” the Orlando Sentinel reports. The movie is based on Anthony prosecutor Jeff Ashton’s book “Imperfect Justice” and will star Rob Lowe as Ashton.

Elizabeth Mitchell (“Lost,” “V”) and Oscar Nunez (“The Office”) have also signed on to the project, which begins filming next week and will air later in the year. Mitchell will play Linda Burdick, Ashton’s fellow prosecutor, and Nunez will play defense attorney Jose Baez, who helped win his client’s acquittal on the charge of murdering her daughter Caylee. (Casey Anthony was convicted of four counts of giving false statements to police.)

Deveaux starred in the Canadian comedy “Baxter” and has guest-starred on episodes of “Lost Girl,” “Haven” and “Breakout Kings.” She also had a role in TNT’s movie “Silent Witness” last year.

Source: zap2it