Meeting with Elizabeth Mitchell for KRL – Photos and Experience

UPDATE 11: This is the part where Liz talks about the site. OMG! I’m still in shock!

Thanks Elizabeth for what you said about us! <3

elizabeth mitchell
Elizabeth about EMFC

Thank you Olivia Thompson for the transcription of the audio regarding what Elizabeth said about our site. And Thank you so much Jo for what you said about us.

Jo: So you’re not on twitter and you’re not on Facebook.
Liz: I’m not. Someone posing as me is on Facebook. And it’s ????
Jo: There is a lovely(?) Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club on there.
Liz: Which is so nice! That’s where I go to get clips and stuff!
Jo: For yourself?
Liz: Yeah! If I need clips like to send to somebody or something yeah, I go to my fan site!
Jo: These fans are the best!
Liz: I know! My… my… I called my manager, because he needed something funny and he went like way back in time and he was like “WOOOW”.
It’s like, it’s like an encyclopedia!
Jo: It is.
Liz: It’s gorgeous!
Jo: It’s an online archive of everything you’ve ever done!
Liz: Awww It’s so ????
Jo: Candids photos of eating ice-cream on Bainbridge Island. I mean, you know, it’s got everything!
Liz: Yeah. Well every time I have a really hard time I go on there coz’ there’s nothing negative!
Jo: Nothing.
Liz: It’s deleted real fast.  Sorry.
Jo: ??? instead of any negative.
Liz: No, I know, it’s great. There’ll be like “post deleted” and I’m like “ohhh nooo”
Jo: Whatever you said.

UPDATE 10 (MAY 31): A couple of new pics

Source: Bobsessive


UPDATE 9 (May 30): Hey guys, just want to say thanks to everyone for the support and all the stuff you sent to us from this event. Thank you so much for sharing!!! We’ve just finished to upload the videos by Jared from Cancer Gets Lost in the video archive.

elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell


UPDATE 8 (May 30): All the videos from Q&A with Elizabeth

Jared from Cancer Gets Lost has just sent me the link to the videos from the event. You can watch them and read his report here. He and Jo’re gonna post more details soon. So stay tuned!

Click on READ MORE for all the photos and report.


UPDATE 7 (May 29): And here a couple of new photos Natalie gave me. They’re lovely!

UPDATE 6 (May 29):
Olivia Thompson made the trascription of the AUDIO Briana sent to us the other day, so everybody can read it: HERE!
There were a lot of noise and laughing and people talking over each other, so she made a very impressive job.
A couple sentences here and there are missing, but other than that, it’s quite perfect. If you wanna add anything, please do it, it’s always very appreciated.
We also created a page dedicated to the event, it’s linked in the EXTRA section of the site (link in the banner).
We’re organizing a page dedicated to the reports by fans who were there, if you want to write anything, let us know. If you have any other photos or videos and want to share them, please em@il us!

UPDATE 5 (May 28): As promised, these are the two videos by Kelsey:

elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell


UPDATE 4 (May 28): We are looking for someone who can make a full transcription of the audio. It would help a lot of people to get everything they said. There’s a lot of noise and it’s difficult to understand expecially for those who don’t speak English perfectly. Please let us know if anybody can help, so if there are more people we can share out the lenght of the audio.


UPDATE 3 (May 28): Good morning, guys, Kelsey send us other pictures from the event and a couple of videos we’re uploading. For now here the photos:

ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_285429.jpg ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_283929.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_284029.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_284129.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_284229.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_284329.jpg ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_284429.jpg ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_284529.jpg ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_284629.jpg ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_284729.jpg ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_284829.jpg ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_284929.jpg ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_285029.jpg ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_285229.jpg ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_285529.jpg ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_2863b29.jpg ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_285629.jpg ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_285729.jpg ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_285829.jpg ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_285929.jpg ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_286229.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_286329.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_286029.jpg ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_286129.jpg

Isn’t Elizabeth just adorable? I’m so in love with the pic where she hugs Kelsey. So sweet!

And this is Kelsey’s report about the meeting:

I had the pleasure of going to the Liz Mitchell event on Saturday night and it was absolutely fantastic! Elizabeth is extremely kind and genuine so down to earth and friendly. I loved listening to her speak about her career and life and just enjoying an overall wonderful evening with great people! I gave her a copy of my favorite book, Dove, and she was so happy to receive it that she gave me a hug! In fact, she said Chris had just been talking about it three days before what a coincidence! Overall, it was one of the best evenings of my life and I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to go 🙂

What a coincidence indeed!!!

Cancer Gets Lost brought some LOST stuff to sign for charity, take a look, impressive!



UPDATE 2: Briana‘s just sent us the audio from Q&A. You can hear it and download it here: Meeting with Elizabeth Mitchell for KRL on Bainbridge Island


UPDATE: Hi all, Peter Raffa has just sent me a lot of pictures from yesterday took by Lia. If someone in the photos doesn’t want to appear here (or wants your name below the photos), please just let us know. Thanks again to Peter for being such a nice person!

Here 35 New photos:

ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_281029.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_281129.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_281229.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_281329.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_281429.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_281529.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_281629.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_281729.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_281829.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_281929.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_282029.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_282129.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_282229.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_282329.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_282429.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_282529.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_282729.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_282829.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_282929.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_283029.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_283129.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_283229.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_28329.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_283329.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_283429.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_283529.JPG "ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_283629.JPG/ ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_283729.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_283829.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_28429.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_28529.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_28729.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_28829.JPG ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_BAINBRIDGE_ISLAND_MAY26_2012_Kitsap_Regional_Library_Foundation_28929.JPG

From Kitsap Regional Library Facebook:

I would like to thank all the guests that attended our Elizabeth Mitchell event last night. Especially want to thank Elizabeth, who treated every guest as if they were the only ones in the room. Thanks for supporting the Library!

We had a ball, thanks for everyone for supporting another KRLF event!! Elizabeth was very generous with her time and people loved her for it. Thanks!!


As everybody knows yesterday the fans met Elizabeth at the dinner on Bainbridge Island for Kitsap Regional Library.

I’ve just heard from Peter Raffa, the director of the Kitsap Regional Library foundation and truly an amazing person. He told me it was a wonderful evening and everybody was so happy. Elizabeth took the time with everyone. The event last till 10pm. Chris was there too, then he left to pick up CJ and brought him back to the event. Liz took a lot of pictures with people and signed a lot of things. Peter will post some soon.

What can I say: WOW!

Oh Peter also told me Liz flys out today to Winnipeg for shooting Prosecuting Casey Anthony.

If you have photos and want to share with us your experience, please em@il us! I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants more details and pictures!

Jo Garfein moderated the Q&A and posted 2 pics:

One of the photo was taken by Andrea Towers