Thank you Elizabeth!

Thank you Elizabeth for what you said last night about the site!!! We were both so sad we couldn’t tell you in person and give you what we wanted to. But now that we heard your words we feel you closer.

Thank you for being just the way you are!

We hope there will be another event just like this for telling you what we really need to.

For now we wish you a goodnight. We’re going to bed, it’s almost 5 am in the morning here. HAHA… what a day!

We love you,

Adriana & Stefania


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  • 28 Maggio 2012 in 06:42

    Ok well I’ll try to do a transcription of the whole thing if you want! It might take me a little while and I don’t know if I can get every word because like I said, a lot was people talking over each other and laughing and noise. Do you want me to post it here or send it to you by email? Either way, I’ll do it today!:)

    • 28 Maggio 2012 in 08:01

      Oh thank you very much! Anything you can understand is very appreciated!Send it via email, then we’ll post it into another post.

  • 28 Maggio 2012 in 22:58

    It’s really cool that she knows about this website and visited it. You deserve that recognition given all the dedication you put on it. I’m glad that I contributed with the site, when I find something interesting that isn’t posted yet. Thanks for all the good work and thanks to Liz for being so kind, as always.


  • 30 Maggio 2012 in 02:21

    It really was wonderful to hear what she said about your beautiful site! You both and all the contributors have done a lot for the Liz fan community! Thank you again and again!


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