Elizabeth at the gym in Winnipeg – Photo & Report

Chris Fantini just sent us a message on twitter about his meeting with Elizabeth at the gym in Winnipeg. He posted a lovely photo and an amazing report on hot103live.


This JUST happened!!!

Posted By: Chris Fantini · 6/16/2012 5:41:00 PM

So I was working out, doing biceps curls at the gym (50lbs awwww yeahhh!) and in walks this tall blonde drink of water. I looked up at her and I got that feeling where you think the person might be familiar but you don’t know whether it is someone you know, someone from FB or maybe somebody famous.  So, I shrugged it off and went back to my workout.  A few minutes later, up she comes again to get a towel.  Absolutely gorgeous, and definitely had that Hollywood glamorous look, even though she was in her workout gear and had a good glow on.

Gosh!!! I know this woman!  I like this woman!  Why is that? Wait! It’s coming to me! V!!!! ERICA EVANS!!! My first instint was to run towards her yelling V! Erica!!! However, if it wasn’t her, I would unnecessarily frighten some innocent woman trying to do squat thrusts.  If it was her, coupled with my crazed look, she could fear for her life and being tasered or pepper sprayed was a distinct possibility.  No, I will stay calm and figure this out. In between sets I quickly googled her on my phone. FYI I was a GIGANTIC V fan (2009 AND 1984) and was absolutely devastated when they canceled the show. Erica Evans… actress name: Elizabeth Mitchell. In town to shoot the film Imperfect Justice which also stars #InAHellHole’s Rob Lowe! I discovered later that she was also recurring in Lost and E.R.

What to do, what to do.  I really loved V, and I thought she was phenomenal in the show.  Well, I have to walk by where she is working out as I leave… so I’ll just play it by ear.  Walking byyyyyyyy.  She is getting up from one of her sets.  She sees me looking at her in the mirror.  I give her a bashful smile.  She gives me this big grin and her eyes relay the fact that she knows she has been marked.

“Hi there.  I am awfully sorry to disturb your workout but I just have to ask, are you Elizabeth Mitchell?”

“Please, don’t worry about it, yes, I am” she said with a very warm smile.

I started to ramble.  Told her the story I just recounted to you and started regurgitating how much I loved V and how crushed I was when it got canceled.  She agreed, and said that she loved the show and role.  She says she has at least one person a day tell her how much they miss the show.  I explained to her about my puck to the throat and apologised for my voice.  She said she thought it sounded sexy (OMG). She told me she has broken fingers, taken shots to the face and throat because she likes to do her own stunts.

I got the feeling I could have kept her from doing her workout for hours.  She was so friendly, gracious, and sincerely sounded interested in talking (mark of a good actress, I suspect). I asked her if she minded taking a picture, and told her if she didn’t want to (seeing she was not exactly ready for a photo shoot) I would totally understand.  She glanced in the mirror and said “Sure why not! We both look like we’ve been working out, that’s not so bad!”  She was absolutely gorgeous, there with no makeup, hair moist with perspiration and discheveled from the effort of exercise.

As one last favor, I asked if we could maybe do a quick interview for HOT103 at some point during her stay in Winnipeg.  I know that she has a tight schedule, managers, agents, PR people and the like, but she still said she would my card and said “I would really like to try, hopefully when my family leaves… they are just visiting right now”

What a fantastic woman. I was already a big fan of hers but she multiplied that for me today. I will be looking for stuff that she is in and supporting it in the future.  A beauty and a total pro. Hopefully I’ll get to talk with her on the air about the whole Rob Lowe incident *crosses fingers*

Source: hot103live