Elizabeth at the hotel in Winnipeg – Photo

Hi guys, I’ve just found another photo of Liz in Winnipeg and a report from the person who met her at the hotel where she is staying.

After i got the Bellamy Brothers i went down to a local hotel in winnipeg to try and get Elizabeth Mitchell.I have been trying to track her down for 2 weeks no with no luck until tonight.I finally found out where she was staying after she switched hotels.Elizabeth Mitchell is the last person i needed from the movie they are shooting here in Winnipeg the Casey Anthony story Imperfect Justice.Wierd how it works have been trying to get her for a while now and i show up at the hotel and she arrived 30 minutes after i arrived.Finally some luck.She was super nice and chatted with me for a few minutes.She said her and her husband and her son really enjoyed the city of winnipeg.She was super cool.I got 5 8x10s signed from her.She would have signed 20 if i had.Finally finished with getting autographs from people in the movie.

Source: Autographboywinnipeg