REVOLUTION 1×02 Promo – Tim Guinee about Elizabeth and more

UPDATE (Sept 22): Promo updated with a better quality version.

This is the promo for REVOLUTION 1×02 Chained Heat.

elizabeth mitchell

In the last promo posted there is also another new scene with her, if you missed it’s here. Guinee wrote this on his twitter:

Tim: Elizabeth Mitchell is a complete dream to work with.
Fan: I loved her on Lost. One of my fave characters. She seems so sweet.
Tim: She is!

So guys, did you watch the pilot? (If you haven’t yet: SPOILER alert) I know Elizabeth is in a few minutes of it, but I have hopes about her role. I don’t think she would have signed for nothing neither they would have hired Elizabeth Mitchell for such a small role. 😛 The pilot was shot and edited (with Roth) before Elizabeth jumped in, so I hope to see her more in the next episodes. Reading all the interviews with her made me think she’ll have a substantial role. There is a mystery around Rachel and hopefully we’ll have answers soon. AND SHE MUST BE ALIVE!It’s illegal killing her characters on a show! 🙂 Back to the interviews, read them all, they are really interesting. I am always surprised by how much study she puts into the characters she plays and how much she thinks about them and about the whole concept of a show. She always has something clever to say and I love that. Plus she is always sweet and funny. I must say that ordinary people in extraordinary situations are the most intriguing to me too. So what do you think?

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I read some articles about REVOLUTION and these are the parts regarding Elizabeth and her roles:

“One more question that almost certainly will be resolved is what sort of role Mitchell is playing. She joined the show after the pilot, replacing Andrea Roth, and Kripke then rewrote the character somewhat. As it stands, she’s only in a couple scenes in the pilot, but you have to assume that Kripke and Abrams didn’t hire her just for a cameo.”

Source: Zap2it

20 Burning Questions

1. How did Ben and Rachel know about the blackout beforehand? Minutes before the blackout hit, Ben (Tim Guinee) ran home with a box of supplies and told Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) to start stocking water. His wife wasn’t too caught off guard, seemingly knowing about the impending light-pocalypse already (though, she didn’t immediately start running the faucets like any sane person would do). How did this couple know about the blackout before it hit, while the rest of the world remained — pun fully intended — in the dark?

14. What happened to Rachel? There was something strange about the way Ben warned Charlie about her mother’s death “out there.” That’s just a little too vague, if you ask me. How exactly did she die? That is, if she’s even dead at all…

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