Elizabeth on REVOLUTION 1×05 – What do you think?

UPDATE: What do you think of this episode? Is Rachel going to tell the whole truth about the blackout and how to turn the power on?

Note by me: You are perfect! I barely know Rachel and I think I can’t handle what they’re doing to her. Meaning your character already got me (but that’s since episode 2) and that’s why you are a terrific actress! Nope, that’s not true: you are THE BEST ACTRESS! <3

Sorry guys for the comment in the news, but she’s killing me. Ok, fine. back to work on the caps from the last 2 episodes. It always takes me so long because I am not able to select the best screencaptures. If it was up to me I would upload every frame because she always has so many different facial expressions and she acts with every inch of her body. It’s so impressive!


Tonight NBC airs a new REVOLUTION episode with Elizabeth. Do not miss it!

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