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REVOLUTION 1×04 HD Screencaptures: The Plague Dogs

REVOLUTION 1×04: scenes with Liz

elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell

This is from another interview with Eric Kripke. It’s about Elizabeth and Rachel.

What are Rachel’s motivations and the direction her character is going in?

KRIPKE: Certain ones are a little mysterious, so I have to be a little cagey because we will reveal some things. But, she’s obviously holding on to certain secrets about why the power went out, and we’ll reveal a little more about what she knows about the blackout. Monroe has been keeping her prisoner in a gilded cage, with occasional torture, so it’s not so fun, but she’s strong. We’re so smitten with what Elizabeth is doing with the character that we’re just writing more and more and more for her. She’s so good. But, everything changes when Danny finally arrives in Philadelphia. And so, now General Monroe will have Rachel where he wants her. She doesn’t really care about he own well-being, but of course, she cares about the well-being of her son. So, he’s really able to twist her arm and force her to reveal things that she hasn’t revealed to him yet. But, she is smart and heroic, and is desperately searching for a way out of the predicament that she’s in.

Source: Collider

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