REVOLUTION 1×05 Ratings – up from last week

UPDATE –  Final Ratings: 1×05 gained 8.61 million, A18-49:  3.3

REVOLUTION was up from last week episode.

1×05 gained 8.82 million, A18-49:  3.4 (again it’s number 1 show at the same time slot among 18-49)

[Past weeks ratings: HERE]

NBC’s Revolution‘s ratings surged Monday night thanks to … to …

Not sure, exactly. But this is definitely good news for the post-apocalyptic drama. Revolution delivered 8.8 million viewers and a 3.4 rating, reversing its gradual downward-ebbing trend. That’s up 13 percent from last week and marks a three-week high for the show.

Revolutions‘s powerful lead-in The Voice (12.8 million, 4.6) was perfectly steady with last week’s rating, so that didn’t boost it. Both of Revolution‘s 10 p.m. rivals — CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 (8.4 million, 2.0), up 5 percent, and ABC’s Castle (10.9 million, 2.0), down 9 percent — aired original episodes, so there wasn’t softer competition last night. In fact, you could say there was more competition since Fox (which normally doesn’t program 10 p.m.) had baseball playoffs going late into primetime. So can we credit Revolution itself for this gain then? “I don’t know of any artificial reason for the increase, looks legitimate to me,” one network ratings analyst emailed.

Revolution was a big swing that many us thought would open to a sizable number, but we worried whether it could sustain itself given the track record in recent years of other heavily serialized high-concept shows like The Event, FlashForward and V. Revolution does, however, have one very important thing going for it: It’s better than those shows. Wondering, long shot, but … could the massive ratings enjoyed by AMC’s post-apocalyptic The Walking Dead premiere put some viewers into the mood to check out Revolution?

Source: EW

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