Interview with Eric Kripke + REVOLUTION Review & Recap

TV Guide Review

[…] Several episodes in, and I’m still not really feeling the Revolution characters. (I started to feel a connection with Maggie right before they killed her off!) The one notable exception is the Elizabeth Mitchell character, who really seems at her absolute best in this kind of enigmatic role. […]

As I noted in an earlier discussion, Revolution seems to be at its most interesting when revealing the back stories of what brought characters like Elizabeth Mitchell’s Rachel to their current state of crisis. When it’s more about Charlie saving the day (or being saved) while jabbering on as a shrill moral compass for Uncle Ninja Miles, I am much less engaged.

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Interview with Eric Kripke

Also, expect some big changes for Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) when Danny arrives in Philadelphia. “General Monroe has Rachel where he wants her,” Kripke said. “She doesn’t really care about her own well-being, but of course, she cares about the well-being of her son. So he’s really able to twist her arm and force her to reveal things” that she’s been holding on to. And whatever secrets Rachel’s been keeping must be pretty bad, because when the whole truth eventually comes out “it will be pretty explosive for Charlie to hear.”
Not more secrets! How many mysteries can one woman have? At least this week we’ll hopefully be getting more answers than questions from the Matheson matriarch — potentially even a bit about why the lights went out!

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1×05 Recap

In Philadelphia, Sebastian Monroe steps into Rachel’s gilded cage, telling her that her son will be on a train headed for them soon. Rachel begs Bass to let Danny go. “We used to be friends,” she says, offering to tell Bass everything she knows about the lights going out. Bass taunts her, hissing that he knows she’ll tell him everything because he has Danny.

Throughout this exchange, Bass is touching his fingertips to Rachel’s on the window seat, and their faces are growing closer together. There’s always been a weird, almost sexual vibe between these two. Maybe it’s Monroe’s way of asserting his dominance over Rachel, but I wonder if there’s some other history between them. Maybe Rachel’s saying that they used to be more than friends. Monroe has had her locked up for several years, and in all that time, he didn’t get any information about the blackout from her, and he only sent out men in search of the Mathesons pretty recently (as Neville says, he’s been away from his wife on this mission for about a year). I wonder if there was a different relationship between before. It’s unlikely that time when they were friends was before the blackout – from how little Charlie remembers her uncle, it sounds like he wasn’t around much, so there’s no reason for Rachel to have known Miles’ buddy Bass well before the blackout. Was there a time after Rachel gave herself up to the militia when there was something different going on between her and Bass? If so, what was it? And why did that change?

While Jason is reuniting with his mother, Rachel is with Bass, looking out an upper floor window at Danny being pushed along by a group of militiamen. Bass promises Rachel she can see Danny anytime she wants, as long as she tells him what Ben was working on.

So Rachel finally gives in: She pulls out a piece of paper and sketches the triangular shape we know to be a Locket of Power.

“We were both working on it,” she says. “We worked together. I don’t have all the specs, but if you want to turn the power back on, it starts with these pendants. There are 12 of them.”

Twelve Lockets of Power! Bass must rule them all, find them all, and in the darkness bind them!

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