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UPDATE: Just replaced them with untagged photos. 🙂

These are 2 adorable BTS photos from Revolution 1×08 “Ties That Bind”:

Elizabeth Mitchell on Revolution set Elizabeth Mitchell on REVOLUTION set


[NEW]  4,5/5 stars

VERDICT Plenty of plot bombs dropping this episode and some welcome screen time for Elizabeth Mitchell as Charlie and Danny’s mother, Rachel.

“What if they turn it into a weapon?” asks Rachel. After two series of V, Elizabeth Mitchell has burned a lot of television screen time as a character forced to use deceit to survive, and she’s great as Rachel, until now merely popping up at the end of an episode to reveal a twist or just look sad. Here her moral conflicts are played out both in present day and in flashback as Flynn offers a solution to painful pregnancy complications, for high price, which in turn provides insight into her current predicament as hostage to quasi-Nazi Sebastian “Bass” Monroe. It’s a credit to Mitchell that she manages to add variation to Rachel, and play to the strengths of a character who’s constantly manipulated.

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UPDATE: Tim Guinee about Elizabeth:

Tim Guinee about Elizabeth Mitchell
"She's great"