EW Scan & Small interview with Elizabeth [Spoilers] and more

Hi everybody and Happy Thanksgiving to all American readers! Have you ever tried Liz’s recipes from last year? 😛

I found an article on EW (November 9 issue) about Revolution with a small interview with Elizabeth. What she said could be considered spoilerish. After what we saw in the last episode I can’t wait!

elizabeth mitchell rachel matheson revolutionOnce the pilot was shot, producers boosted the show’s geek cred by recasting Charlie’s mother with Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost, V), whose character – though currently imprisoned – will eventually get to show off her butt-kicking skills. “My action background comes into play” Mitchell says, “I get to come home with lovely bruises, which I get to watch change colors.

Scan source: k4kimber.com

I added some screencaptures from yesterday’s interview.

emfc_REVOLUTION_set_interview1_Elizabeth_Mitchell_0000000059.jpg emfc_REVOLUTION_set_interview1_Elizabeth_Mitchell_0000000087.jpg || MORE ||

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