REVOLUTION finale: Spoilers about Rachel


Spoilers about Rachel from an interview with the co-executive producer David Rambo

TVLINE | Now that Charlie is in Philadelphia, will there be a reunion or fleeting moment where she and Rachel come into contact?
I don’t want to give you any spoilers about the family. But I can tell you that the writing staff watched the final edit of next week’s episode together, and we were all in tears. So there’s a lot of emotion to come from the Matheson family in particular.
TVLINE | Is Monroe going to retaliate against Rachel for the stabbing? Or has she actually managed to spare herself?
She spared herself because now he really does need her. She’s a scientist.The stakes are a lot higher. She’s going to be watched and guarded, building what he needs her to build. But she’s done everything against her will. She was trying to sabotage Monroe. But whether or not she’s able to do that now, we’ll find out.
TVLINE | That definitely was a bomb that she was building?

It definitely was a bomb. Clever mother.

Source: tvline