Monte Carlo HQ Photos – Revolution in UK – Interview caps – Artworks

Screencaps from REVOLUTION 1×05 & 1×07 podcasts



HQ Photos from Monte Carlo TV Festival 2010

elizabethmitchellmontecarlojune6_281229.jpg elizabethmitchellmontecarlojune6_281329.jpg elizabethmitchellmontecarlojune6_28329.jpg elizabethmitchellmontecarlojune6_28429.jpg elizabethmitchellmontecarlojune6_28529.jpg

elizabethmitchellmontecarlojune6_28729.jpg elizabethmitchellmontecarlojune6_28829.jpg elizabethmitchellmontecarlojune6_281029.jpg elizabethmitchellmontecarlojune6_281129.jpg elizabethmitchellmontecarlojune6_28129.jpg elizabethmitchellmontecarlojune6_28929.jpg 

The last one is in mq.


Sky acquired UK TV rights to Revolution for three seasons.

Sky acquired the exclusive UK TV rights to NBC’s breakout drama Revolution from Warner Bros International Television Distribution. The deal is for three seasons, although Revolution only received its first full-season order from NBC in October. A Sky spokeswoman tells Deadline the pact gives Sky exclusive rights to the first season and for two future seasons, should they be commissioned in the U.S. Executive produced by J.J. Abrams, Revolution had its fall finale on NBC in November, ending the first half of its freshman season on a high note. It returns on March 25 after a four-month hiatus. Sky’s Sky1 HD channel will debut the first season on an as-yet unspecified date in the new year.
Source: Deadline


Facebook covers&avatars:

Elizabeth_Mitchell_lucire_facebook_cover.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_V_TV_Guide_2009_Photoshoot_facebook_cover.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_funny_face_jimmy_kimmel_facebook_cover.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_fan_club_emfc_facebook_page_cover.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Josh_Holloway_Juliet_Sawyer_Suliet_Facebook_Cover.jpg

Elizabeth_Mitchell_lucire_facebook_avatar.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_V_TV_Guide_2009_Photoshoot_facebook_avatar.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_funny_face_jimmy_kimmel_facebook_avatar.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_fan_club_emfc_facebook_page_avatar.jpg

I made the green set for our facebook page.