Prosecuting Casey Anthony Ratings and Virginia Welch about Elizabeth

We found this interview with the actress who played Casey Anthony. She said nice things about Elizabeth and told some set stories:

Lena:  What was it like working with Rob, Elizabeth Mitchell, and the rest of the cast?

Virginia Welch:  Elizabeth is like the big sister on set, she is always laughing and she is always engaging everyone in conversation.  She is one of the most open, warmhearted people and so much fun to work with.

Virginia Welch:  Exactly!  The very last day on set the real life Jeff Ashton came and visited and one of the other actors told me that he said something like that, like these are all the much more attractive versions of the real thing.

Lena:  Since the film deals with such a difficult subject matter, how did you lighten things up on the set?

Virginia Welch:  That would all be Oscar or one of the other actors who was on the defense team, Art Hindle.  They would just get everybody laughing.  One of the fun things we did when we wrapped each night was we got into a game of celebrity.  It’s sort of like charades.  We would get into these huge celebrity matches and be playing until 3 AM.

Source: tvfilmnews

Oh and Prosecuting Casey Anthony was trending topic on twitter from 1/21/13 3:15 AM to 1/21/13 3:20 AM. Source

‘Prosecuting Casey Anthony’ wins Saturday ratings race

In Orlando, “Prosecuting Casey Anthony” was the biggest show Saturday night. The Lifetime movie drew 129,500 viewers to its 8 p.m. premiere.

Source Orlando Sentinel