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TCA 2013 Red Carpet Video Interview with Elizabeth


Interview with Elizabeth by Entertainment Weekly and scan with a new photo of Rachel

She talks about Rachel and Miles. The scan contains a new still of Rachel from an upcoming episode.

Revolution Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel MathesonQUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED!
Yes, we will learn why the power went out. (In the April 8 episode, to be precise.) But almost better than that is the juicy intel about the long-simmering history between Rachel and Miles, which will come to light toward the end of the season and reveal what events left them on less-than-friendly terms. Here’s a question worth asking: Is the pair’s past romantic, as fans have theorized? “That’s probably an excellent direction to go in,” Mitchell teases. “[But] there’s a deep connection between the two of them, and it’s not all romantic.”

“No one is safe,” warns Mitchell of the second half. “It’s world that’s incredibly precarious, and the deaths and violence will reflect that.”

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WonderCon 2013 Elizabeth MitchellWonderCon 2013 Official Schedule

Revolution Special Video Presentation and Q&A
Saturday March 30 1:15-2:15pm (Arena)

Hot on the heels of the hit show’s eagerly anticipated spring return, this panel session featuring stars Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost), Tracy Spiridakos (Being Human), Zak Orth (Wet Hot American Summer), David Lyons (The Cape), Daniella Alonso (Friday Night Lights) and Tim Guinee (Iron Man movies), as well as co-executive producer David Rambo (V), will tackle burning questions such as Bass’s plans for the expansion of the Monroe Republic, the long-awaited Matheson family reunion and theories on what really happened to cause the blackout. Join these “revolutionaries” as they reveal exclusive information about the remaining episodes of the first season.

There’s also gonna be the screening of the episode 1×12 on March 29 at 3 pm.

Revolution 1×11 Recap by EW

Okay, here is the part where we need to talk about Miles and Rachel. As in Miles/Rachel. Or Miles+Rachel. However you want to say it. In a recent EW interview, Elizabeth Mitchell hinted that our inkling of a romantic history between these two was on point.  And in this episode we got to see more hints at this supposedly amorous past of theirs.

So, I will now proceed to the portion of our program where I round up all the significant Miles/Rachel moments of this episode.

Miles/Rachel moment #1: During that brief everything’s-fine-and-dandy scene when hugs and kisses are exchanged, Nora pulls Miles in for a long, firm kiss, which Miles returns, but a few seconds in, he opens his eyes – to stare right at Rachel. But Rachel doesn’t see his eyes boring into her. She’s already turned away out of politeness – or perhaps because she really can’t bear to watch.

Miles/Rachel moment #2: When Rachel decides to track down John and his Locket of Power, Miles tells her, “You know I’m coming with you, right? Somebody’s gotta keep you in one piece.” Rachel challenges him, “And that’s you? You’re the one that’s gonna make sure that nothing bad happens to me?” – with ever so slight an emphasis on “bad.”

Miles/Rachel moment #3: Later on, it’s just Miles and Rachel, the two of them, alone, on this trip to John’s house. Their horse buggy pulled over for the night, they take awkward steps around each other. Miles, barely looking at Rachel, says, “We ever gonna talk about – you know – this?” Rachel says there’s nothing to talk about, but Miles keeps pushing: “Rachel, I saw a body. It was you. You gotta know that I would never, ever have left if I thought you were alive.” He asks if Monroe hurt her. Rachel doesn’t respond. She makes a move for the buggy, but somehow that one step just ends up shrinking the space between them. Still unable to look Rachel in the eye, Miles says, “Everything that happened – it’s all my fault.” He apologizes for it all, and he bows his head toward Rachel’s, their foreheads just an inch apart. Rachel closes her eyes for a moment, then says softly, “Step back. Please.” A wider shot reveals Miles was gripping her arm. He takes a step back, and Rachel climbs into the buggy.

So what’s up with these two? What happened when Miles thought Rachel was dead? What exactly is this apparently romantic history of theirs? Did Rachel start to fancy her brother-in-law while she was “away getting food”? Or does this date back further? And when and why did things turn sour between them?

Well, I guess answers on all that will have to wait. But theories don’t. (Have at it in the comments section, guys.)

Source: EW