New Elizabeth’s photoshoot

Hey guys we have a new photoshoot with stunning photos of Elizabeth. She’s absolutely gorgeous in these pics!! We picked up 3 of them and changed the layouts of the site, the gallery and the video archive.  Enjoy the terrific photos of the most beautiful woman on earth! 😀

New Photoshoot

Elizabeth Mitchell WB_Photoshoot_1 Elizabeth Mitchell WB_Photoshoot_2.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_WB_Photoshoot_3.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_WB_Photoshoot_4.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_WB_Photoshoot_5.jpg

Thanks so much to Olivia at for the amazing photoshoot!

I added some fanarts I made lately (SPOILER ALERT: the first one contains photos from Revolution 1×19)


People_2013 People_2013_facebook_avatar Revolution Rachel Matheson Revolution Rachel Matheson Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_1x19_facebook_avatar.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_1x19_facebook_cover.jpg

Caps of the new layout

emfc main site emfc video archive emfc gallery