What co-stars say about Elizabeth [New Quotes]

elizabeth mitchellHi everyone, we added some new quotes from Liz’s co-stars who said nice things about Liz.

Eric Kripke: “She is a fun character to write. We think she is so relatable and sympathetic, Elizabeth Mitchell did such an incredible job, making her complicated and likable, but fraught” [NEW] (Thanks Yiyi)

Question: When Elizabeth Mitchell (Rachel Matheson) came here in Monte Carlo, some years ago, we noticed how lovely she is. You worked with her this season. How is working with her?

David Lyons: Working with her is a genuine experience: she is completely involved into the adventure.

Billy Burke: They often ask us, which is the choice or the dialogue affected us the most… with Elizabeth, all I can say is that she is a good kisser. (Esposito laughs loudly)

Giancarlo Esposito: It’s a pleasure to work with her.

Source – Thanks Bèatrice for the translation!

Barry Pepper (3: The Dale Eearnhardt Story) commenting a photo of Liz posted by Jon Cassar (one of Revolution’s directors): Hard to find two better people to work with.

Zac Santiago (John Fierro from V) to Barry Pepper and Jon Cassar: I agree! Two of the most down-to-earth and dangerously talented I’ve had the pleasure to work with..

From Stephen Collins‘ twitter:

Q: How’s working with Elizabeth Mitchell
A: She’s inspiring

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Miranda Bailey to Bob Merrick: Give Elizabeth a big kiss from her co-star in Answers to Nothing – Miranda Bailey – miss that girl.