Interview with Elizabeth on Revolution Season 2 set [video]

Hello everyone, there is a new video interview with Elizabeth on Revolution Season 2 set, where she is illegally gorgeous btw. Enjoy! 🙂

 Revolution Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson

Thanks so much Mayra for the video!


We pick up exactly where we left off and then we do a jump to 3 months in the future. And it’s kind of great because all kinds of things have happened that will unveil themselves. And there are… everything went wrong, everything bad that could have happened, happened. And my character, Rachel, she is off a deep end, she’s just gone, she lost it. She broke, like that.

Rachel has a nervous break down and she does.. she just has a complete and total break and Miles brings her to her father, who’s here.

Rachel’s father is the town doctor, town physician, and a very powerful member of the town but also a healer and all he’s been trying to do when we meet him is nurse her back to health.

I think it’s incredibly entertaining and I think it’s… it’s good television.

It comes back to family, it comes back to relationships, it comes back to how complicated they are, how fraught but also how warm they are. I remember in every like great action thriller that I like that I’ve loved to watch it always had that sense of warm.

It is it is the same classic drama and an adventure in life-and-death situations.

Even, even more so.. they.. It’s, it’s, it’s like they’ve had a chance to play and do exactly what they want and that’s what they’re doing and I have always loved that, that’s always my favourite thing to watch.