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  • 10 Ottobre 2013 in 16:18

    I love this episode!!!! Liz’s screentime, Rachel’s storyline…everything was so perfect!!! Liz’s performances were the best part, especially her acting on Rachel’s feelings for Miles *_* and I knew Rachel won’t die but when I saw her got shot and her face, I still felt so worried and heartbroken.

    I can’t wait to see the next episode! what do they want from Rachel?? does Rachel know anything about the “eye”? do they torture Rachel again??? when shall we know RachelxMiles’s past? I have lots of questions *_* AND THAT KISS WILL HAPPEN.

    BTW more and more people are talking about how much they love Rachel and RachelxMiles storyline, I’m so happy to read those comments!!! Liz deserves<3

    • 11 Ottobre 2013 in 03:14

      I think I commented this episode everywhere but here. LOL. BAD BAD webmistress!

      Anyway Liz blowed my mind with her performance. So touching and so badass at the same time.

      When Rachel was so sorry for Jessica, I thought “Look at her, she is so compassionate”. Rachel has a great heart and she must have thought about when she was a prisoner.

      She sacrificed herself for 8 years for saving the world from Bass and Miles. I can’t get this out of my mind when I think about her. She could have told Bass how to turn the power back on, but she didn’t. Even with all the tortures, she didn’t say anything. And she was the one who wanted to stop the project in the first place. She is so strong!

      I loved all her action scenes. She is terrific with that machete in her hands and when she saved Miles. AAAAHHHH! I love her determination <3

      I noticed a line she told Miles. She said he did a lot of stupid things to save her. I wonder if it's something regarding the 8 years. I think it was not all tortures in the 4 years when she was a prisoner and Miles was with Bass. Otherwise a lot of lines have no sense at all.

      The scene when she told Miles "I don't need a martyr, I need you. So how about we just protect each other" LIZ WAS SUPERB! "We just protect each other" could be their line. <3

      Gene made me laugh in that scene and and I wanted to choke him at the same time for interrupting them. LOL

      Oh and the scene when Rachel gets close to Miles with her head. So moving. I wanted to hug her. She is really in love with him.

      That symbol is the Illuminati (Enlightened) symbol. So these people from Cuba think they are from this secret group. I noticed they write in Arabic. I think they want Rachel because she was one of the scientists and maybe they think she can turn the power back on for them.

      Oh the scene when she got hit by that arrow was so full of suspense. Liz was so great there too. <3

      Now Bass is going to Willoughby with Charlie, but he only seems interested to see Miles again. 🙁 In the first 9 episodes I had this feeling that he could be in love with Rachel, but then his obsession with the power was more important. Now I think he doesn't care anymore about being the general and maybe he just wants to be friend with Miles again and redeems himself. I also think he will never hurt Charlie because he made a promise to Rachel. I like that. He certainly knows Miles has always been in love with Rachel, because he told Charlie that since he knows Miles, he must be with her mom. HAHA!

      [spoiler alert]
      I was hoping to see some Rachel/Bass interactions. I thought in this pic http://elizabeth-mitchell.org/gallery/displayimage.php?album=987&pid=85394#top_display_media she might have seen Bass and wants to kill him. HAHA! Her hate for him is so sexy. I love their fights. Liz and David has such a great chemistry. <3

  • 15 Ottobre 2013 in 12:10

    I always felt or do feel that Rachel wasn’t really Mile’s prisoner. Maybe at first it started that way but for some reason I feel that he took her with him on campaigns or something because the idea that she can hold a sword and swing it pretty intensely makes me feel this way stronger.


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