Elizabeth at Fort Sam Houston Joint Base San Antonio [Photos]

UPDATE 5 (October 22): Two pics added. <3

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_Cast_Fort_Sam_Houston_Joint_Base_San_Antonio_28129.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_Cast_Fort_Sam_Houston_Joint_Base_San_Antonio_28729.jpg

UPDATE 4 (October 22): Just added another photo. 🙂


UPDATE 3 (October 20): There is a new pic from yesterday. 🙂


UPDATE 2: Just added a new photo of Liz and Tracy and a nice message at the end of the post.
: 3 New photos from yesterday. The one with the hat is just one of the cutest things ever! <3

Liz is so precious!

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Tracy_Spiridakos_Fort_Sam_Houston_Joint_Base_San_Antonio.jpg elizabeth mitchell

Happy Saturday, these are the first photos from today event with Elizabeth and Revolution cast.

WOW she looks no more than 35.  STUNNING! <3

 Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_Cast_Fort_Sam_Houston_Joint_Base_San_Antonio_28229.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_Cast_Fort_Sam_Houston_Joint_Base_San_Antonio_28129.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Billy_Burke_Fort_Sam_Houston_Joint_Base_San_Antonio.jpg

She is with Billy, David, Giancarlo and Tracy at Fort Sam Houston Joint Base San Antonio.

Note: Ashley also posted this message about the event:

Had the privilege of meeting some of the cast today. Thank You for devoting your time to visiting Servicemembers & their families. My husband and I love the show, even more so now to know how genuine you all are. We will forever remember this day. Our youngest daughter had fun, too. Thank You.

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5 pensieri riguardo “Elizabeth at Fort Sam Houston Joint Base San Antonio [Photos]

  • 20 Ottobre 2013 in 04:23

    She’s always stunning, but here, if it’s possible, she’s more beautiful than ever <3

  • 20 Ottobre 2013 in 08:07

    Wow just WOW! Liz is positively Stunning and Radiant. Such a Goddess

  • 20 Ottobre 2013 in 15:53

    She’s so sweet and so adorable!!!!! and she should change her styles sometime, love that photo with the hat. <3 <3 <3 and glad to see her BIG SMILE again!!! I miss her <3


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