‘Revolution’: Elizabeth Mitchell teases aftermath of last week’s shocking ending

Here’s another interview with Elizabeth about Rachel and Revolution.

[Spoiler alert!]

Last week’s Revolution ended with a shot heard ’round the world — or at least in Willoughby, Texas — when Monroe (David Lyons) put a bullet in the back of Texas Ranger John Fry (guest star Jim Beaver) to initiate a war between the rangers and the Patriots, leaving Miles (Billy Burke) shocked and speechless.

But Elizabeth Mitchell, who stars on the show as loving-mother-turned-resourceful-badass Rachel Matheson, says her character knew it was coming. “My immediate response was, ‘I told you so!’” Mitchell tells EW.

It’s an understandable reaction: Monroe may appear to have changed his villainous ways since the destruction of the Eastern seaboard in the first season finale, but Rachel remembers him as the militia leader who imprisoned her for eight years and ordered the deaths of her husband and son. Plus, Mitchell says, he’s a “loose cannon,” and his actions at the end of the last episode have only looped the gang into entering what will inevitably be a costly — and bloody — war.

“We’re trapped, we have to back up Monroe,” Mitchell says of tonight’s hour. “We’re set down a road that’s not of our choosing… Things get more violent, things get more complicated, and there is a tremendous amount of retribution. I can’t say from which side, but justice is dealt. It is a big episode.”

Still, before the gang reloads their shotguns and prepares to enter battle against the Patriots, they’ve got plenty of turmoil of their own to work out: Miles questions Monroe’s intentions, Aaron (Zak Orth) fears he’s losing control of the mysterious nanobots, and Rachel can barely face her daughter Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), who returned with Monroe.

To Mitchell, Rachel’s cold, brief speech in the mill last week admonishing Charlie for trusting Monroe underlined the character’s faults, because as Charlie’s mother, Rachel should have shown more warmth despite her anger.

“It’s heartbreaking to me, because you want to yell at her, you want to be like, ‘Just take a few steps and hug her, you’ve missed her, you love her, she’s your daughter! What are you doing?’” she says. “But we all do that in our lives, we mess up that way. That’s a huge character flaw, but one that I feel we all can be guilty of, so I think it’s understandable.”

Of course, Charlie’s only one of Rachel’s many problems, as Miles finds it easier to accept Monroe’s presence, thus adding one more obstacle to Rachel’s uphill battle. ”She’s resigned that this is the path everyone’s chosen,” Mitchell says. “I think she continues to tell the truth, and no one hears her, so I think she’s watching and waiting to make her move.”

Though audiences will have to wait to find out what that “move” will be, Mitchell already has one she’d like to see in mind.

“I think that she should probably kiss Miles more,” she says, laughing.

Revolution airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

Source: EW