Photo of Liz at Revolution Production Office

Good Morning and Happy Revolution day! Yoomi Park, a guy who works on Revolution, posted this photo of him and Elizabeth at the show productin office. AWWWW She is so disarmingly cute <3


And this is what he wrote about her:

Elizabeth Mitchell from NBC’s Revolution (and LOST!) is a fan of basketball and even played when she was younger. I learned that after doing some squats with her to keep warm last Friday night between takes on set lol. She loved that I was an alum/former manager and I offered to get her a shirt (since I have so many laying around) and SHE suggested we take a picture wearing matching shirts. Well it happened tonight!! She’s an amazing actress, a great ball of energy, and the sweetest person! And now, a @texaswbb fan! #HOOKEM!! #badass #work #matching #amazing #lucky #blessed

Thanks Yiyi for the head-up!