Revolution 2×07 Set Interviews, Clips and Spoilers – Revolution break

UPDATE 2:  Revolution will be back in Janurary.

We’re back early January. Tons of good stuff coming down the pike in eps 10 – 22.

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Hi people, we have some Revolution updates to share today! So here we go…

Revolution 2×07 Set Interviews

They uploaded a video interview on the set of 2×07 where Elizabeth, David and Tracy talks about Monroe. Liz is adorable!

Revolution Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson


Elizabeth: My character’s supposed to hate him and you can see me in the background almost kinda like smile a little. I mean Rachel hates him, but he is not like the Monroe we’ve grown to hate and you know, I have always had a hard time with the fact that he killed her son because he didn’t actually tried to just kill her son, so every time I say that, I am always like “You know he was really just trying to kill all of us.” See it’s much better, right? It’s not specific.
David just looked like a little angel and made the whole thing so odd and weird. We all walked out of set and we’re all like “We like Druggie Monroe.” Because he’s interestingly neutralized, he just tuned into a really sweet guy.

Tracy: David played it so brilliantly but he’s so freaking cute, when he was waking up, we all…  me and Elizabeth were just dying behind the screen.

Power Half Hours” Spoilers

And there are some spoilers about Rachel from the “Power Half Hours” chat with the writers via Revolution twitter:

Q4 Is Charlie aware of Miles & Rachel having mutual affection? How does she take it?
A4: It’s hard to *not* notice the chemistry between Miles and Rachel.

Q7 Will there be changes in the Bass/Rachel dynamics now that she has ‘killed’ & saved him? Road to forgiveness?
A7: Rachel & Monroe will always & forever have a complicated relationship (hard to be friends w/the guy that killed your son).

Revolution 2×07 Clips with Elizabeth

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Revolution Break

UPDATE: I wasn’t wrong about the break. This is what Kripke said:

We are doing nine in a row and we built to that, so we built nine with a storyline that culminates with a mid-season finale that takes you into the hiatus. Then we look at [episodes] 10-22 as the next chapter of the story.



If I don’t remember wrong Kripke said that after episode 9 we are going to watch the rest of the season in 2014, so 2×09 should be the last episode of the year. Not sure when they’re going to air 2×10, but for now there is no press release or stills available.

Don’t be so sad, next Saturday we’ll have “Kristen’s Christmas Past”, the new movie with Elizabth, on Lifetime.

Thanks so much to nbc-revolution.livejournal for the interview link. 🙂