Brink Calendar – Kristin’s Christmas Past clips (problem fixed) – Revolution bloopers and more

elizabeth_mitchell_brink_calendar_march.jpgHappy Thanksgiving to all the people in USA! 🙂 In case you are a new fan of this beautiful creature and/or you have never seen this, there is an Elizabeth’s recipe for this occasion, actually her grandma’s recipe. 😉

We have some new stuff added on the site:

  • Brink Calendar with Elizabeth
  • Kristin’s Christmas Past – clips
  • Revolution Bloopers – HD clip
  • Movies and TV Shows – stills

Brink Calendar with Elizabeth

Brink Magazine made a calendar, each month a different celebrity. Elizabeth is March, like her birthday! 🙂 You can download it and buy a print at this link. 😉

Kristin’s Christmas Past – clips

Clip 13 and 14 of Kristin’s Christmast Past weren’t working correctly, so I fixed them. You can watch them here.

Revolution Bloopers – HD clip

I also added an HD version of the Revolution bloopers. Thanks to Urmel for this!

elizabeth mitchell revolution

Movies and TV Shows’ stills

1. frequencystills_28129.jpg frequencystills_28229.jpg 2. nurse_betty_still_elizabeth_mitchell_28129.jpg nurse_betty_still_elizabeth_mitchell_28229.jpg 3. SANTACLAUSE2stillsElizabethMitchell_28129.jpg SANTACLAUSE2stillsElizabethMitchell_28329.jpg SANTACLAUSE2stillsElizabethMitchell_28429.jpg SANTACLAUSE2stillsElizabethMitchell_28229.jpg 4. ER_still_Elizabeth_Mitchell.jpg 5. elizabeth_mitchell_prosecuting_casey_anthony_still_28129.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_prosecuting_casey_anthony_still_28229.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_prosecuting_casey_anthony_still_28329.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_prosecuting_casey_anthony_still_28429.jpg 6. v_season_1_promo.jpg v-season-1-elizabeth-mitchell.jpg

  1. Frequency – better quality pictures
  2. Nurse Betty – new photos
  3. Santa Clause 2 – better quality pictures
  4. ER – new hq photo
  5. Prosecuting Casey Anthony – better quality pictures
  6. V – new photos