2 New Video Interviews with Elizabeth

UPDATE 1: report and transcription by Ksite added***

Hi all, 2 new video interviews with Elizabeth have been released on youtube. They are in a better quality than the first one we got and the TV Addict interview is even longer. She’s precious! <3

elizabeth mitchell interviews elizabeth mitchell interviews

Source: TV Addict + Ksite

*** Ksite posted their report and the transcription of their video:

The next new episode of Revolution airs on Wednesday night, February 26, and continuing our run of interviews from the show’s Texas filming location, we now share some words from Elizabeth Mitchell (Rachel) about her character’s current mindset.

We should have more from Mitchell that we can share after Wednesday night’s new episode, as a bit of what she discussed was spoilery. Here’s some video of what we can share so far, including some talk about the relationship between Rachel and Miles:

You know, it’s an interesting thing, her mindset,” she told us. “I think this season has been a challenge for me, because I was curious about the same thing: where is her mindset? I think what’s happened is, she started to regain a conscience, and she started to regain who she was. She’s stopped reacting like a cornered animal, and she’s started trying to be a human being again, along the lines of the way she was, the values that she had, and the morality that she had. Given the people that she plays with, this is very difficult, and she’s not very popular, and she continues to not be very popular, but I do feel like we’re seeing a re-emergence of the Rachel before everything, and it’s nice. There’s a little bit of strength there, and as we keep going in there, it gets stronger, even though her words aren’t popular. It goes forward along those lines.

There is a little mention in the report by possiblebypopculture:

I spent the day observing production and talking with everyone who was filming that day plus Elizabeth Mitchell who was gracious enough to come over on her day off to help promote the show. […] both Billy Burke and Mitchell admitted they did not believe their characters could ever kill Monroe, despite threats otherwise and despite all of the terrible things he has done to their family.

Thanks Cristiane for the headup!