New Video Interview with Elizabeth

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This is another video interview Liz did last week. Choosing a cap for the videos among her 3429042 facial expressions is so hard! LOL ! She’s the best <3

elizabeth mitchell

REVOLUTION’s Rachel spent much of her early time on the series having her scientific knowledge held against her — and, occasionally, using it to get out of sticky situations — but this season has found her more disconnected with the science-based storylines.

But given Aaron’s increasingly dangerous journey into discovering what the Nanites are (and what they can do), will Rachel be gravitating back to that arena? REVOLUTION star Elizabeth Mitchell (Rachel) sat down with reporters on the show’s Austin set to tease what she knows…

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Miles, who has assumed the role of patriarch and leader of the group, is being pulled from many sides, most notably Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Monroe (David Lyons)— “the angel and devil” over his shoulder, as Mitchell put it.

“She’s started to regain a conscience,” says Mitchell of her Rachel Matheson. “And to regain who she was [before the blackout], the values that she had, the morality that she had, and she’s stopped reacting like a cornered animal.”

The relationship between these characters is so entrenched and complicated that neither Miles nor Rachel find themselves able to kill Monroe, despite the latter’s culpability in their own family members’ deaths. So their alliance with Monroe comes with more than its share of resentment. Yet their bond is strong enough to make them go the extra mile  and actually protect Monroe from enemies like Neville (Giancarlo Esposito). This puts Monroe in a powerful, albeit passive, position. How he responds will prove if he really can—and even wants to—be redeemed.