Interview with Elizabeth – Transcription

This is a transcription of the interview Liz made on the set last February. 🙂

Elizabeth MitchellRachel’s Journey. “ It’s an interesting thing, her mindset,” Mitchelle said. “Because I think it’s this season has been a challenge for me because I was curious about the same thing: where is her mindset? And I think that what’s happened is she started to regain a conscience and she started to regain who she was and she’s stopped reacting like a cornered animal and is starting to try and be a human being again. Along the lines of the way that she was, the values that she had, the morality that she had. Given the people that she plays with, this is very difficult and she’s not very popular and she continues to not be very popular. But I do feel like we’re seeing a reemergence of kind of the Rachel before everything and it’s nice.” In addition to rediscovering her inner morality, Mitchell said that Rachel will go back to being “a genius” and will show her mental strength a bit more again.

 Rachel and Miles’ Relationship. While the pair are really growing closer together, Burke warns that “I don’t really think that anything is firm on this show. It’s there for a second but you can always expect things to change very quickly just when you think that you’re comfortable with them. We have solidified it somewhat this season, at long last. But I think now that that’s happened, I think we’re moving on to an arena that might be less comfortable and a little bit more sticky and it’s almost like there’s a love triangle between he and Monroe and Rachel [laughs] because there’s this dynamic ‘will he/won’t he with her’ and ‘will he/won’t he get back with him to do their business’. ” Mitchell said that “What I’ve come to kind of understand about Rachel and Miles is that they’re just a force. They’ve been deeply in love with each other for a very long time. And I think that they’re drawn to each other through — there’s no thought of this is a bad idea, why would we even do this, this doesn’t make any sense. I think that she is in love with him. I think that he is in love with her. I think that they give each other strength, but I don’t know that anybody sees a future in anything so it’s more about grabbing what they have where they are. But Rachel does start to wake up throughout this season too and you can see her starting to really look around her and say ‘this is crazy, we can’t do this about any of it’. But the love for Miles seems to be very pure and true.”

The Patriot Enemy. Mitchell went on to hint that “I think that right now Rachel and her group are mainly operating on the defensive. So what I think is going to be really interesting is when they start to be on the offensive. Because you can’t really accomplish anything defensively. Throughout any kind of war that’s all they’re doing is fighting back. And I think that Rachel is coming to and saying ‘we can’t just do this’. So there’s enough of a brain trust, enough muscle there that something should be able to be accomplished. [The writers] have told me that Rachel’s quest is to kind of get things on the straight and narrow is not completely unheeded. It could be an interesting little war between everybody.

Source: screenfad