WonderCon 2014 Photos (Post n.1)

UPDATE: It took me a while to organize this post with the photos and the comments, but here they are! Elizabeth is incredibly gorgeous and sexy! WOW! More photos and videos coming soon, so stay tuned! 🙂




AHHHHHH this is the first pic of Liz at WonderCon. OH MY GOD! *Faint*

WonderCon 2014 Photos Elizabeth Mitchell

Photos Sources: Kaysi +Liz Ponce +Michelle Reilly + Amy Marie + mrsfullylaced + freddymurphy tvgoodness1+ jocelyons + mich2k+ fullylaced

Photos&Comments Sources:

NerdTalkRadio: Elizabeth Mitchell is perfect. Just perfect.
lostinmysticfls: The beautiful and super sweet Elizabeth Mitchell.
Sydney Bucksbaum: Just chatted with the always lovely Elizabeth Mitchell!
Eric Goldman: With the ever-delightful Elizabeth Mitchell after we finished the Revolution panel at WonderCon earlier.
Americ Ngwije: Awesome interview with Elizabeth Mitchell coming soon!
Blastr: Talking with revolution and lost tough girl Elizabeth Mitchell.
Holly Ollis: The lovely Elizabeth Mitchell strikes a pose on the Wondercon carpet.
Carla Day: Gorgeous and fun!
Pia B K: Oh my goodness, @Rockne_S, @StephenCollins, and Elizabeth Mitchell were absolutely lovely to chat with during the autograph session!
Seven Inches: Elizabeth Mitchell is the nicest human. Prepare yourself for an interview w/ her on @PopInsomniacs
Marisa Roffman: Liz Mitchell was stunning in the press room.
Elena Butler: Elizabeth Mitchell is so cute and adorable.
K.C. Murdock: She is hilarious
Kaysi: I met my favorite person today. So incredibly surreal. ElizabethMitchell | most gorgeous person on the planet
Pierre Mercado: Elizabeth Mitchell is gorgeous
Nicole Campos: Totally rode the elevator with Elizabeth Mitchell and tried not to geek out too hard. #stillTeamJuliet

renewrevolutionproject: And isn’t Elizabeth the best?? 😀 She’s actually also the first celebrity that I met who was successful at making me feel 100% comfortable. She’s awesome 🙂


What Liz said:

  • “I like the Miles-Rachel thing. I think they’re kind of made for each other in a sad way, and a nice way.”
  • (Joking) “The make up artists job is to make us look worse.”