WonderCon 2014 – Reports

We have some reports from WonderCon panel which contain spoilers about the upcoming episodes. Have a great Sunday and Happy Easter!

The Patriot and the nano storyline have been separate so far, with the group being divided and each of the characters following their own quests.  O’Bannon said that both of these stories will come together in the last episode of the season and the nano storyline will become a huge factor, with Rachel taking center stage.  Mitchell for her part said she really enjoys being part of both the Patriot and the nano world.
When asked if Rachel would be providing Charlie with comfort and helping her cope with her loss, Mitchell admitted that Rachel isn’t the best person to come to for help with problems.  However, she believes Rachel is trying to lay moral hope and also be a good mother.  She will try her best to help Charlie with the situation but whether Charlie accepts that help is yet to be seen.
For those who enjoy the romance between Rachel and Miles, Mitchell teased an upcoming scene that she described as “fun” and something that both her and Billy Burke enjoyed.  She also believes that if Rachel were ever to forgive Monroe for all he’s done, it would be as a result of her love for Miles.
Lastly, we learned that Eric Kripke pitched Season 3 to the network today and the writers have a pretty good template for what that will consist of.  O’Bannon teased that the finale features a scene in which new knowledge is whispered into Rachel’s ear.  It will change everything we know about what caused the blackout.  “You can’t guess what’s to come,” he concluded.

One of the things that the writers on Revolution do consistently…”is justify my bad acting?” Elizabeth quips. No, they don’t give characters an easy out. Stephen refers to it as the Revolution Sophie’s Choice: characters are given a horrible choice, and an even worse choice.

As Mitchell says, Rachel isn’t the best person to go to with your problems, “but she’s trying” to provide good support, to Charlie.

The second season has split the characters up (a decision Elizabeth and Stephen both loved, giving a chance to work intimately with other actors), with Aaron off on his own, Neville on his own adventure, but now they’re all coming together for the final four episodes. Rachel is “the lightning rod” for both stories: the nano’s and the Patriots.

What does that make Rachel’s role in the last four episodes? Mitchell “…loves the nano’s [plotline],” and is thrilled that Aaron is back. It’s fun to be the person in Aaron’s world and battling the Patriots, because she gets to see what everyone is up to. As the sizzle reel showed, she “smacks Priscilla around a little.”

Then the group got to gushing about the “Aaron Matrix” episode, or “Dreamcatcher,” which was a solo flashback episode featuring Aaron (Zak Orth).

Afterwards, because the actors actually got to wear makeup, Stephen came up to Liz and told her: “Liz, you’re really attractive.” Apparently, the last part of the makeup process on the set of Revolution is normally the “dirtbag” phase. Not so on “Dreamcatcher.” Throughout the episode, Liz was trying so hard not to laugh at drunk Miles and his side comments, and loved Zak’s performance. He’s the everyman, clearly a very funny man, but such a dramatic actor.

Fan Question #2: What are the possibilities for the 3rd season (if they get one)? Rockne: Literally at this moment, Kripke is in Burbank pitching season 3 (“and we have a live camera!”). At the end of this season, everything comes together (Patriots, nanotech) and explodes apart, and something is whispered into Rachel’s ear, and those words change what you think was behind the blackout.

Fan Question #3: The guy really loves this show, but he wonders about all the violence in the 8 PM family slot. “It doesn’t seem like an 8 o’clock show, does it?” Mitchell responds. Mitchell is consistently asking if they can do the things they do. The show was originally a 10 PM show, of course, but when they switched it to 8 PM, it wasn’t about the content, and NBC didn’t ask them to change what they were doing. Rockne calls the show a “wonderful hybrid of sci-fi, some fantasy and adventure.” To which Mitchell adds “swashbuckling.” Every show needs swashbuckling. Mitchell thinks it got bloodier since it moved.

Fan Question #4: Since the nanotech has taken the form of other humans, including dead characters, is there a possibility that we’ll see dear old Danny again? Answer: Mitchell is on board with the idea, and Rockne reveals that the writers talk about Danny all the time in the writer’s room. So…maybe.

Fan Question #5: Is anything going to happen between Miles and Rachel? Mitchell’s answer: “Gosh I hope so. I think they’re made for each other, sadly. In a good way as well. We have a good scene coming up that we both enjoy…”

Fan Question #6: What drew you guys to the post-apocalyptic world? Answer: It’s Kripke’s creation, so they’re the wrong ones to ask, but Rockne explains that like most Bad Robot shows, it’s a different/alternate version of Earth. As Mitchell puts it, the show asks “my favorite question…What if?”

Fan Question #8: Could Rachel ever forgive Bass? Answer: Mitchell thinks about that a lot. “I don’t know, I kind of hope so.”


– The last four episodes of the season are supposed to be considered a four hour event, and O’Bannon reveals that Rachel is the lightning rod for both the patriots and nano tech storyline, as she ties it all together into one story. “Marrying the two was nice,” Mitchell says. “It was nice to be in the world battling the patriots and to be in Aaron’s world as well.”