WonderCon 2014: Panel Report and 3 Photos

Elizabeth Mitchell WonderCon 2014 Elizabeth Mitchell WonderCon 2014 Elizabeth Mitchell WonderCon 2014

  • Stephen and Elizabeth talked about the relationship between Rachel and Gene, and joked about when Rachel was trying to kill Gene.
  • Rockne mentioned that these last 4 episodes of the season are more of a 4-hour event, which ties all of the characters together, and the nanos become more involved. He also said that Rachel is the lightning rod that connects the different stories. Elizabeth commented that she misses Zak Orth, who plays Aaron, and that it’s fun to be both in a world battling the Patriots and also in Aaron’s world.
  • The moderator asked when we would get to California and Governor Affleck, to which Rockne replied that they are “desperate to get there,” and Elizabeth revealed that you’ll see tiny things about California in upcoming episodes if you look closely.
  • We also learned that in the very last 5 minutes of the season, something is whispered into Rachel’s ear as to what’s behind the blackout.
  • An audience member asked if Miles and Rachel were ever going to get together, and Elizabeth revealed that they have a “fun scene coming up.”
  • Next, an audience member asked if Rachel could ever forgive Bass, and Elizabeth answered that if so, it would be based on Rachel’s love for Miles.
  • The panelists also talked about how production switched to Texas for Season 2, which is Elizabeth’s home state, and it was very hot.

Source: gbreviews