Revolution Cast about Liz

Stephen Collins talks about Liz and say lovely things about her. Watch it! ^___^

stephen collins about elizabeth mitchell

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This is from an interview with Revolution cast at Monte Carlo Festival 2013.

Q : Elizabeth Mitchell was in Monte Carlo a few years ago and she is adorable, I’m sure you know that.

Billy Burke: She wanted to come this time as well,  but she couldn’t.

Q : Each of your characters interact with her, but at different levels and I was wondering if you could tell us how it is to work with her and talk about your different experiences?

David Lyons. : It has been great. She is incredible, she surpasses everybody else, there is a superb strength that she brings into all her characters and especially the character of Rachel where she is this strong mother but also a very benevolent and neutral person. And she brings this strength into life and into her work. I think working with her is an incredible experience because she is so engaged. I mean, the whole cast is great to work with, and we get along well and we are working together. She is the main female character and I could never say enough good things about her.

Billy Burke:  This is so true, I mean, all the people we meet… they always ask us “what is your favorite scene?” or “whom do you prefer to play with?”. There have been so many memorable moments between all these characters, I mean, we have been really spoiled. And with Elizabeth, all I will say is that she is a good kisser! (very loud laugh from Giancarlo Esposito)

Tracy Spiridakos. : When Liz and I are on set, we are like children trapped in adult bodies, we laugh about everything, all the time, and we always enjoy a breather. We turn our backs to the camera and we start doing this cat noise. The sound department dosn’t know where it comes from and they think there are cats on the set (laughs). And we keep doing this over and over again until someone says “That’s weird. Are there cats here”? And in that moment you can see our shoulders move because we laugh all the time (laughs). There are so many moments among us on set, I know it’s wrong (laughs), we just try to have fun, and you can see my head and my shoulders going up and down laughing like that, And I do it very often, it’s not really professional (laughs).

Billy Burke: That’s true. She’s very light-spirited. It is precisely what is great about her.

Giancarlo Esposito. : Yes, we love Elizabeth and I was thinking about that just this morning because we are missing her. And I’m sure she would like to show her love for you and Europe and this great place, Monaco. She’s sweet, kind, true, sincere, responsible and she does a great job. So having her around on set is always a delicious day, a delicious moment to share.

Source: serieviewer – Thanks Cristiane for sending this to us and for the translation from French.