WonderCon 2014: Interviews and 2 Pics

As far as Rachel is concerned, “There’s a flashback that I loved doing,” teased Mitchell. “I love to add insight to our characters. Billy Burke does some awesome work in the second-to-last episode, and he’ll play the guitar at one point. We didn’t get to hear him sing, though, but we can’t have everything, and there’s some stuff with Rachel and Monroe that’s long coming.”

Rachel has her feet planted in both stories, with the patriots and co-opting Willoughby and the nano. O’Bannon said that this is why “Rachel is the absolute logical person for Aaron to latch onto, but there’s huge revelations about the nano and the blackout that goes back to the pilot, too.”

“Rachel and Aaron spend an entire episode in one of these last four,” revealed Mitchell. “Whenever we have episodes full of Zak [Orth], they’re really good. He has a lovely arc, and I think you’ll be gratified by it; there’ll be a little bit of blood, so you have to get through that; but it’s a nice arc. I can’t tell you when it ends, it doesn’t always end with rainbows, those arcs, but it’s nice. He might be our way into this world, because the Matheson clan is terrifying.”

We asked Mitchell what it is that she thinks is making these post-apocalyptic stories so popular, lately, and what sets Revolution apart. “We are suckers for the what if, and we do them in our heads. In every scenario of your life you’ll go off on a what-if tangent, and I think Revolution is one big what-if. What if this happened? What if I made this choice? What if this affected me in this way? I believe we do it in every minute seven or eight times, we’re huge on what-ifs. Our whole daydreams are what-ifs, sci-fi is what-ifs, fantasy is what-ifs. So for me, that’s just human nature. That’s what makes us magical, the what-if, otherwise we’d never create anything. “

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The full fallout of Gene’s choices, and Rachel’s reaction to them, will play out in the final four episodes of the season. Mitchell joked, “Poor hot Dad.”

Asked whether Rachel will be able to help Charlie deal with the trauma of shooting her on-again/off-again beau, Mitchell laughed. “Rachel isn’t the person you go to with your troubles.” Considering the question, she added, “I think she’s trying, though. She has a hope in what [she and Charlie] could be and she’s trying to be a good mother and a good support.”

Besides the constant trouble with the Patriots, Rachel has also been involved in the Nano plotline. “We had a really good time with that,” Mitchell said. “It was nice to be in both worlds.” Adding a tease, she also said, “I smack Priscilla around a little. It was fun.”

During the fan Q&A, the panel was asked about the show moving two hours earlier this season to the 8 p.m. time slot.  Mitchell added, “It got bloodier.”

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