WonderCon 2014: 2 New Video Interviews

Hi! There are 2 new video interviews with Elizabeth from Wondercon. Watch them! 😀

Elizabeth Mitchell WonderCon 2014 Elizabeth Mitchell WonderCon 2014

Highlights from the first interview:

  • Rachel is a catalyst of change. She’s down a road about people finding their conscious.
  • Mitchell’s father is upset that Rachel’s finding her moral center. Rachel’s going to try to get people to go down a good road.
  • Mitchell doesn’t have much input into the character. She believes that the writer’s vision is important. If she doesn’t think something flows well, she’ll call and make a suggestion. She doesn’t ask much.
  • “Rachel is a terrible mother.”
  • Charlie doesn’t lean on her mother after killing Jason. There is a cathartic moment coming up for Charlie. It doesn’t involve Rachel though.
  • Rachel offers support, but she’s like a dead beat dad. She provides a net for Charlie to fall if she needs it.
  • “It’s hard to lean on a screwdriver, though, so we’ll see.”
  •  “It involves a long walk and knocking on a door. That’s all I can say.” – regarding Rachel’s involvement with the nano story.
  • She doesn’t know about season 3, but the producers are excited for it. The end of season 2, sets up for the next season. “It’s very Stephen King. … Maybe Book 3 The Dark Tower.”
  • The group does get back together again.
  • Rachel and Neville don’t have as many scenes together as she’d like. There was a big scene cut between them in season 1.

Source: BuddyTV+ Yael TV

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