2×20 & 2×22 Set Photo, Stills & Video

1.   Elizabeth Mitchell

2. Elizabeth Mitchell Elizabeth Mitchell

3. Elizabeth Mitchell Set Photo, Stills & Video 4. elizabeth mitchell

Liz’s stunt in the picture wrote this: “Revolution Finale with one of the coolest chicks I’ve met Elizabeth Mitchell”.

  1. 2×22 Set
  2. 2×22 Stills
  3. 2×20 Set
  4. 2×20 Set Video

Photos by CarlosIslam & Angel Love  – Video by UN

Stephen Collins said they cut a scenes with him and Elizabeth from Revolution finale. Arg!!!!

Arrghh. A big scene of mine was cut tonight. 1st time all year. Oh, well…[x]

I & Elizabeth Mitchell [x]

I hope they add it in the dvd/bluray box set. They didn’t include a deleted scene with young Danny in the first season though. :/

Thanks Yiyi for the headup!