Once Upon A Time Filming Report – September 9 – 10 and 11

UPDATE 5 (September 12):

September 11 – Filming Report

Liz filmed a scene with Elizabeth Lail (Anna) yesterday at Bellacarra Park in Port Moody.

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UPDATE 4 (September 11):

September 10 – Filming Report

Someone saw Liz’s costume on set, but not sure if she was there too.

On to the Old Lynn Valley Library where the Jail and Hospital are housed.  Elizabeth Mitchell’s Snow Queen costume was there so I’m assuming she filmed today but we couldn’t get close enough to see who else was filming there looked to be about 6 dressing rooms. The scene was short as they set up around 10am and were out before 5:30pm.



September 9 – Filming Report

Apparently Liz was filming with Robert while Emilie was filming a scene alone. So there will be a scene between the Snow Queen and Mr. Gold in 4×06 (which is a Belle’s centric episode).


UPDATE 2 (September 10):

TV Series » Once Upon A Time » Set » 4×06 set – September 9

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September 9 – Filming Report

Another report:

Elizabeth didn’t come over, because she couldn’t take pictures *woops!*. She asked security, but they said no. “Soon! I hope” she said. “Probably after the first episode with me in it airs.” And with that and a last “Nice to meet you guys!” she left.

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September 9 – Filming Report

Info about the costumes:

 Emilie was wearing a fairytale outfit. But Robert was wearing his mr Gold outfit. And Elizabeth was wearing her Snow Queen dress.


September 9 – Filming Report

Elizabeth was on set with Robert and Emilie but she wasn’t allowed to take photos with fans.

Elizabeth Mitchell, Robert and Emilie were on set today. Robert and Emilie came over to take pics but Elizabeth wasn’t allowed to.

Source: captaincronut

I found this photo from August 12 on pinterest.

TV Series » Once Upon A Time » Set » 4×03 Set – August 12