Once Upon A Time: EW spoilers about Liz’s role

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This is what Adam Horowitz & Edward Kitsis said about Elizabeth’s role on ONCE UPON A TIME.


Do you have any information on who Elizabeth Mitchell is playing on Once Upon a Time? — Toni
You mean you didn’t pick up EW’s Fall TV Preview issue where I revealed that she is definitely playing the villain of the first half of the season?! For shame! “For the first time, we’re showing a villainous side to Elizabeth Mitchell,” executive producer Adam Horowitz says. “There’s a dark side that Elizabeth is accessing and she’s doing so in chilling fashion.” On a side note, I first floated the Lost alum’s name past the producers to play Elsa. “When you see her character, it will be everything you wanted her to be,” executive producer Edward Kitsis promises me. Hmm, I wonder what that means! *cough Snow Queen cough*

Source: EW