Once Upon A Time 4×08 Set Photos

Hello everyone! There are new photos from Once Upon A Time set. Liz is filming a scene for 4×08 with a 1980s setting in a big city. NEW COSTUME!

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UPDATE 5 (October 3)

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Another small report by madelxine:

I saw then filming the same scene from a few angles, she was standing on the corner looking around and everyone was dressed in 80s clothes and old cars and phone booths. There was this fancy door behind her so I assume it was some sort of time portal? And they kept spraying down the street so it looked like it was raining.


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We’ll always have a soft spot for Elizabeth Mitchell. She was the first celebrity we ever interviewed and she was a total sweetheart. She almost single-handedly got us hooked on LOST, and we’ve been fans of her low-key, sardonic acting style ever since. No one can curl their lip quite like her.

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She may not have featured in the much-loved Disney movie.
But the character of the Ice Queen appears to be stealing the show in Once Upon A Time’s Frozen storyline.
Elizabeth Mitchell, 44, was seen playing the character on set, in a very tight-fitting white gown, filming in Vancouver on Wednesday.

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Description of the scene:

So basically the scene we saw tonight was a lot of ppl in 80’s clothes as extra’s, walking down the streets and Elizabeth Mitchell was standing on the sidewalk. She looked  very confused.
At first they were shooting with a lot of extra’s, a confused snow queen and no door. And afterwards they put the door there, without any of the extra’s. To me it looked like the scene will go like this: she goes through the door, she is confused where she is and when she turns around, the door is gone. But that’s just a guess.

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