Thank you message for Liz lovelies

Hi Liz lovelies,

tomorrow there will be a new episode of Once Upon A Time and I really hope to see Liz!
We are all very excited for this new adventure and I am personally very happy to see all the support around her. She’s getting a lot of love from new fans as well and this is so great to be witness of!

Most of us wanted to see her on this show so much and it happened!!! I hope OUAT will be a great experience for her and for us and I think it is already. We haven’t seen her yet on screen but look at what we are getting from the set! It’s like Christmas and she’s a stunning Queen! Thank you to all the Oncers and people on the set for the pics and the reports! They are priceless!

Cast, crew and fans on set are the sweetest and they all say lovely things about her. <3

I’m so proud of Liz, wherever she goes, people love her! And I am so proud to be her fan. Nobody inspires me as she does!
She’s the reason why EMfc has been here for 6 years.
Even when people say bad things behind my back, my focus is on Liz.

As she would say: “Love it and don’t do it for any other reason. You will get beat up, let it flow through and believe what makes you better. Ignore the rest.”
I always ignore the rest, because what matters is the love for Elizabeth.
And fans’ love is really huge!

This message is to thank you all for always being here, thanks for the help, the headups and everything and thanks so much to the EMfc supporters because your lovely words make the difference!

I hope to talk with you not only about the OUAT episode tomorrow, but finally also about the Snow Queen. *fingers crossed*

 Have a great Saturday, everyone!