Once Upon A Time: Spoiler about the Snow Queen and Rumpelstiltskin

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_Snow_Queen_manip_11.jpgHi everyone, there is a very interesting spoiler about the Snow Queen and Rumple in this interview with Robert Carlyle:

Trust me when I say that I am holding the Dark One’s dagger and command you to give us something on Once Upon a Time‘s Rumplestiltskin that isn’t Belle-related! –Christina
Right, as if the dagger would… OK, here you go! During our visit to the Once set this week, Robert Carlyle teased Rumple’s ties to Elizabeth Mitchell’s Snow Queen, saying, “A lot of these magical characters, Rumple has either trained or helped in some way. He hasn’t exactly trained her, but he’s helped her along the way. So there’s deep, deep history there, but it’s a really strange relationship. They’re very, very dangerous to each other [and] both slightly afraid of each other, I think.”


It’s not a spoiler or anything but they asked Scott Michael Foster (Kristoff) about the Snow Queen.

Elizabeth_Mitchell_OUAT_4x03_EMfc000935.jpgHe was there when the Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) emerged. Is he suspicious of her?
It’s exciting because she’s somebody who also has the same powers that Elsa has. No one thought that another person like that existed. There’s intrigue there. Obviously there’s going to be some concern about, “Is she who she says she is? Is everything valid?” I think Kristoff has those concerns, but ultimately it’s more intriguing and it raises more questions than answers. You’ll see them tackle those issues.