Once Upon A Time: Filming Report

They were in Stanley Park yesterday and the filming was closed to fans, but someone’s managed to write some reports. These are about Liz:

Filming Report – 4×10 – October 16

We walked up right as the cast was starting to emerge from the trailers, saw Jared (Henry outfit w/ coat), Bobby (Mr. Gold outfit), and Lana (Madam Mayor power suit) first. Then saw Colin (modern clothes), Josh (same clothes as yesterday), Elizabeth Mitchell (getting into a trailer, sans costume), Ginny (also same clothes as yesterday), Lee (Grumpy), and Jen (Emma boots but not sure what she was wearing, she had her long coat on).[Source]

Filming Report – 4×10 – October 15 (about Any Given Sandae truck)

We are currently sitting in a parking lot on location and we are seriously 5 feet away from the trailers and the cast. Almost every single cast member has walked past my car to go film/do run throughs. We have seen Colin, Jen, Ginny, Josh, Raphael, Jared, Michael Socha, Scott Michael Foster and Elizabeth Lail. (Picture of Jared above) They literally were 2 feet from my car, all of them. We are seriously blocked in and I can’t even leave hahaha. We also saw the Any Given Sundae truck pull in and lots of special effects equipment. There is some serious stuff going down right now. Word is Lana and the Merry men will be here too. They are all eating lunch right now. Will post more news when we have it! [Source]