Once Upon A Time 4×03 Reviews

Hi! Happy OUAT day, everyone! I found these nice reviews about last week episode. Enjoy! 🙂

Elizabeth Mitchell was also cool. Even if she’s terrible at staying on the DL. While most of us would hide after committing a sort of murder of a beloved fairytale character Mitchell’s Dairy Queen bust outs her favorite fairytale couture and wanders into the forest so Elsa and Hook can happen upon her and stare at her creepily.

Mitchell’s character is incredibly compelling for a OUAT villain, and not just because of the mixture of gravitas, humor and coy smugness that Mitchell brings. For the first time in quite a while this is a villain with motives that are unclear. Relationships–particularly with main characters–aren’t telegraphed. She (and Gold) are holding nearly all the cards and Emma, Elsa and company are left playing catch up with the audience.

It could be the Imperial Stout talking, but I’m okay with that! If OUAT is going to repeatedly fail on the representation and romance front it can, at the very least, step up to the plate when it comes to intrigue.

And boy are Dairy Queen and Gold bring that intrigue. Dairy Queen is setting Elsa (and Emma) up with the kind of half-truths that are Gold’s bread and butter, while Gold is playing a long con wherein we’re not sure if he’s lied to us (and Belle) or Hook about the legitimacy of his dagger. Though, let’s not crawl to far up Gold’s butt to praise his nefarious misdeeds, because this is a case of shady dealings on the part of the writers. You can’t out right lie to your viewers as Gold seemingly has. That’s a major violation of the unspoken sacred pact between viewer and writers.

Another violation? Hook’s development. Like. Make up your minds. Is he a milquetoast dream but who never bathes and pines for Emma? Or is he a complex Gray Hat who everyone trusts but perhaps shouldn’t? From scene to scene of “Rocky Road” Hook shifts, mercurial as the puddle Dairy Queen emerges from.


In this one there are quotes from the latest interview Elizabeth did for EW.

Once Upon a Time season 4, episode 3 introduced Elizabeth Mitchell’s Snow Queen. In a new interview, the actress has some very interesting things to say about the character.

First Once Upon a Time introduced Frozen‘s Elsa (Georgina Haig), Disney’s take on the Snow Queen fairytale. Then the show introduced the actual Snow Queen, played by Elizabeth Mitchell.

We got so many tantalizing clues about the character’s connection to both Elsa and Emma (Jennifer Morrison), and Mitchell plays the role so ambiguously, we have no idea what’s true and what isn’t.

Luckily the actress is more forthcoming in an interview with EW, and gives some brilliant hints about what’s to come.

On the Snow Queen’s reaction to seeing Emma in the forest, she says that their past connection (of which Emma’s memory has been erased) is, “Surprising … it does mean a lot to both of them. It’s important, and it’s big, and it has a lot to do with the mythology of things.”

And while Mitchell isn’t shy about calling her character a villain, she suggests there’s something else guiding her actions. “She’s motivated by a very honorable, true thing,” Mitchell says.

“I definitely think she’s manipulative, but she’s manipulative towards a goal that may or may not be positive,” she continues. “Whether she’s manipulating for good or for evil remains to be seen. She’s definitely trying to steer people down a path. Is a path of destruction? Is it a path of love? I don’t know.”

That’s definitely interesting. Could the Snow Queen have a bigger agenda, which in some way works to combat an even greater threat?

We’re very curious about her history with Emma, and why she (or someone else?) has made sure Emma has forgotten. It makes us wonder just how long the Snow Queen has been in this world, and when exactly she became (or… becomes?) trapped in that urn.