Once Upon A Time Set Photos & Report – October 22

UPDATE (October 23): I added a filming report about what they shot yesterday (it contains spoilers).

Filming Report – 4×10 – October 22

  • The day started with Robert shooting a scene where he just walks out of his shop, and it’s snowing.
  • Next scene, was Lana. Walking, (no snow) stopping at Any Given Sundae, looking up, and going inside.
  • After that, there was some kind of brawl going on, with almost all the dwarves and Granny. They were fighting, and suddenly they noticed that it was snowing and stopped fighting and looked up.
  • Then, there was a scene where Jen, Georgina and Elizabeth Lail + dwarves walked all happy through the snow and then there’s Ginny, Josh and Lana walking up to them. Ginny and Josh hugging Jen, while Henry runs towards the group. He hugs Lana, and Jen afterwards. Then Jen hugs Georgina and everyone is smiling and lauching and blah blah blah.
  • Last scene we saw was Elizabeth Mitchell standing in front of Any Given Sundae. Some dwarves came out of the shop and ran away while Jen and George do their magic. Which seems to be not working. 

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Hey, Liz is on set right now. They are filming 4×10.


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