Once Upon A Time: Upcoming Episodes’ Titles – 4×08 will air an hour earlier and it’s 2 hours episode

UPDATE: Adam has just posted on twitter that 4×08 will air an hour earlier and it’s a 2 hours episode.

I’ve just read this:

It seems that 4×08 will be a 2*1hr episodes

We have some new Episode Titles for you today.

  • Episode 4x08A/B now is called “Smash the Mirror Part 1” / “Smash the Mirror Part 2”
  • Episode 4×09 is called “Fall”
  • Episode 4×10 is called “Shattered Sight”
  • Episode 4×11 is called “Heroes and Villains”

Source: SpoilerTV

This is interesting because 4×08 is the episode with scenes set in the 80’s and it could be a lot about the Snow Queen. Jennifer said she worked a lot with Liz and also Lana posted a photo with her in the same period, so this is going to be great!