Once Upon A Time 4×10 Set: 2 New Photos & Report

UPDATE (October 26): I added 2 more pictures in the gallery. 🙂

I’ve just found these new pics of Liz and a report from Wednesday night. 😀

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How hard did it rain in Steveston on Wednesday night during Once Upon a Time filming? Hard enough for a fan to dance in the deluge as it bounced off the pavement on Moncton Street. Crew delayed filming until the rain eased a bit for a scene of Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Anna (Georgina Haig) confronting the Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) outside the Any Given Sundae ice cream shop in Storybrooke. While an overhead scrim did protect cast from getting wet it couldn’t keep out the cold so Morrison and Haig jogged on the spot laughing ahead of each take.

Elizabeth Mitchell, Georgina Haig and Jennifer Morrison under the scrim. The sag in the middle is a pool of water.

Source: yvrshoots.com & opustwelve