Once Upon A Time 4×05: Thoughts

EMfc edit – made for fun because someone asked me to. 😛

I’m amazed by the great support Liz is getting from Once Upon A Time’s fandom. Not that she doesn’t deserve it, because she totally does. She’s incredible on this show. Wherever I go online I only see the most amazing comments about her performance and her character. People are deeply in love with the way she is portraying the Snow Queen and this makes me the happiest person on Earth and also the proudest. It’s so nice to see all this love I can’t even begin to explain how good it makes me feel!

So about the episode… OMG! It was freaking fantastic!

Elizabeth is just amazing in this role and the Snow Queen is the sweetest evil character ever. She speaks so peacefully and calmly with this gentle and soother voice that make her even more dangerous and creepy. WOW!

I don’t even know which scene was my favourite: the one with Elsa, the one with Regina and Emma, or the one in her “castle” with Sidney, probably the one in her castle (btw that place is awesome, I want that room!). That scene was perfection! The mastery in every single movement of that scene. She practically owns the stage! And her face when she did her magic on Regina? Priceless! And when she saw Elsa …so great! I don’t really know how to explain how terrific she was in this episode!

The story is getting better and better and the Snow Queen’s involvement in Emma’s life is just awesome! Even if I knew she was Emma’s foster mom, it was surprising to see the videotape at the end of the episode!

The emotions in Liz’s voice when the Snow Queen saw Emma in the forest in 4×03 was totally the voice of a mother. She cares for her and as she said she only wants a family that loves her.

I think Elsa’s mother put Ingrid in that urn, so she has never had a family who loved her. If you think about it, Elsa lived her life alone in a room and her parents wanted to take her powers away from her (with the sorcerer’s hat), so it’s likely her mom imprisoned her aunt in that urn for years.

I really feel bad for the Snow Queen and I totally wish a happy ending for her. What do you think, guys?

On a side note I wanna say I need more scenes with Liz and Lana. They rock!


Please everyone just like/reblog/retweet everything ABC posts about Liz. Showing our support for her is really really important! If you see something we missed from what they post, please let us know!

List of the stuff they posted during the episode:

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  • Lana Parrilla: What?!! The Snow Queen knew Emma as a young girl?!!! Okay, this show just got even better!! #OnceUponATime #EvilRegals


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Oh ABC tv tag account used a photo of Liz for yesterday’s episode. 😀