Once Upon A Time 4×10 Filming Report

EMfc fanart

I’m still over excited about last night’s episode, but before posting any comment I’m going to update the site with some intersting news. 😀 If you haven’t seen 4×05 yet and don’t wanna read spoilers about 4×10, don’t keep reading!

Since we know for sure now that The Snow Queen is Emma’s foster mom (I totally called it) captaincronut released some new info about 4×10’s filmings.

So now the secret is out of Snow Queen being a foster mother of Emma at some point… (spoilers ahead though)

Last week we saw them film a scene with the girl who plays young Emma, Abby Ross and Elizabeth Mitchell. It looked like it was supposed to be 1993 (sign on a bench).

They were filming a scene were Elizabeth was trying to convince Abby that she has powers. The girl was confused and at some point we heard something like “What, like Harry Potter?” and then Elizabeth pulled Abby onto the street where a car approached them. Saying that she should use her powers to stop the car, to use her instinct. Abby screams that she should let her go and pulls herself away.

After that they have another conversation which we couldn’t hear properly, but then Abby runs away. Elizabeth runs after her but she can’t keep up. She walks around screaming “Emma!” a few times, and then gives up.